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Join GCF and a team of industry experts to learn about the importance of certification and how it can be implemented successfully.




9th July 2024

Event completed and recording available:

GCF MCX Certification - How to get your product certified

TCCA, AstaZero, Ericsson

12th May 2022

Event completed:

Cyber Security for Consumer IoT (India)


6th Dec 2021

Event completed:



22nd Oct 2021

Recordings available:

oneM2M Technology Overview


6th Oct 2021

Recordings available:

C-V2X Certified



In a series of webinars, hosted live and also available to view on demand afterwards, GCF brings together experts from standards organisations, industry bodies, equipment vendors, test houses, certification authorities and beyond to address the issues around product certification. The GCF Live events are designed to educate and inform stakeholders in mobile communications, IoT, automotive C-V2X and other communities about the requirements of their sectors with the aim of smoothing and simplifying the path to certification. In doing so, GCF aims to improve interoperability and, consequently, reliability of wireless communications systems.

Information on all GCF Live events, including registration forms for forthcoming webinars and presentation materials for past events, can be accessed via the links above.

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