GCF organisation chart


Board of Directors

The Board fulfils the statutory obligations of Global Certification Forum (GCF) Ltd and is repsonsible for the administration and operation of GCF.

Steering Group 

The Steering Group (SG) is GCF's primary decision-making body and open to all members.  The SG oversees the main activities of GCF and agrees new 'Work Items' that will define new GCF Certification Criteria.  GCF's technical work based on the Work Items agreed by the Steering Group is implemented by the agreement groups and task forces.

Agreement Groups

Conformance Agreement Group (CAG)
  • Develops and maintains certification criteria that relate to a product's "conformance" to industry standards
  • Tests will typically be validated and run on commercial system simulators
Field Trial & Interoperability Agreement Group (FTAG)
  • Develops and maintains criteria Field Trial test scenarios and interoperability use cases
IoT Agreement Group (IAG)
  • Focuses on the testing and certification requirements for 'Internet of Things' and IoT devices that make use of mobile connectivity
Performance Agreement Group (PAG)
  • Develops and maintains the GCF Performance Metrics programme which:
    • Complements GCF Certification
    • Defines standardised methods for reporting on product attributes that do not relate to introperability - e.g.  battery life and data througput
Mission Critical Agreement Group (MCAG)
  • enables compliance assessment for the mission critical industry by managing the development of relevant processes and certification content
CDMA Conformance Agreement Group (CAG2)
  • Develops and maintains "conformance" certification criteria for products that incorporate CDMA2000  (3GPP2) wireless technologies
  • Develops and maintains GCF Test Specifications for CDMA2000 (3GPP2) products