Automotive Certifications

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1. Only those Certifications published within the last 5 years (3 years for Modules/Chipsets/Platforms) are displayed on this public webpage.
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3. Products might support extra Bands not included in the scope of GCF, in addition to the displayed Certified Bands.


74 results

Ref Manufacturer Model Name Marketing Name Certification Date Actions
12284 Harman International Industries Inc TKCMOD14E00W CONMOD MQB 14-Jun-2024 View
12131 LG Electronics Inc TFGMEIBBCDA TFGMEIBBCDA 09-Apr-2024 View
12129 LG Electronics Inc TFGMEIBBCD6 TFGMEIBBCD6 08-Apr-2024 View
12130 LG Electronics Inc TFGMEIBBCD8 TFGMEIBBCD8 08-Apr-2024 View
12082 LG Electronics Inc TFGMEIBBCD7 TFGMEIBBCD7 19-Mar-2024 View
12081 LG Electronics Inc TFGMEIBBCD5 TFGMEIBBCD5 19-Mar-2024 View
12083 LG Electronics Inc TFGMEIBBCD9 TFGMEIBBCD9 19-Mar-2024 View
12048 Continental Automotive Systems Inc HMG1_DCU_EU HMG1_DCU_EU 05-Mar-2024 View
12033 LG Electronics Inc TFGMEIBBCD4 TFGMEIBBCD4 23-Feb-2024 View
11869 Cyrus Technology GmbH CRN1 ConnectedRide Navigator 03-Nov-2023 View
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