Cyber Security for Consumer IoT (India)

Time: 14:00–17:00 Hrs. (IST) / 10:30–13:30 Hrs. (CEST)

IoT technology is being used to create smart infrastructure in various verticals such as Power Sector, Automotive, Safety & Surveillance, Remote Health Management, Agriculture, Smart Homes, and Smart Cities etc. The hacking of the devices/ networks being used in daily life would harm companies, organisations, nations and more importantly people, therefore securing the IoT eco-system end-to-end i.e., from devices to applications is particularly important. An IoT network that has been compromised may result in the collapse of services, creating panic and chaos.

ETSI EN 303 645based on the earlier TS 103 645, is specifically designed for cyber security for consumer IoT devices and covers baseline requirements, a set of security and privacy requirements and recommendations for manufacturers to implement in their products. Based on the principles available in this standard, a code of practice securing consumer IoT has been released by TEC in August 2021. EU, UK, Australia, and some other countries have also introduced similar guidelines.

A webinar is being organised on the standards and legislation in the realm of Cyber Security for Consumer IoT. This Webinar is jointly organised by EU Project IndiCo (for ICT Standards) and Project SESEI, under the aegis of Department of Telecommunication, Telecom Engineering Centre, and EU Delegation to India. 

The Webinar will allow exchange of updates around “IoT Security: Policy Prospective, Legislation & Standards”, “M2M/IoT Testing & Certification: Global, Regional & Local Framework” leading to identification of the next steps for the ongoing cooperation in this area. 

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India: Cyber security for consumer IoT webinar

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