The Global Certification Forum

The Global Certification Forum (GCF) is the organisational backbone to GCF Certification. Founded in 1999, this membership organisation brings together technical experts from the world's leading Manufacturers, Operators and the Test Industry. Together members define the certification requirements that really work for the industry - because they have been developed by the industry.

Any product incorporating cellular mobile connectivity can be certified:

  • Smartphones and featurephones
  • Tablets
  • USB modems
  • Portable WiFi hotspots
  • Embedded modules
  • Laptops
  • Connected consumer devices
  • M2M/IoT products.

GCF Certification follows the principles of a supplier's declaration of conformity (SDoC) as defined in ISO/IEC 17050.

The GCF scheme evolves in sync with developments in mobile technologies and the changing needs of the industry.  It is the only wireless product certification scheme that covers all these technologies:

  • LTE (3GPP)
  • 3G UMTS (3GPP)
  • GSM (3GPP)
  • CDMA2000 (3GPP2)

GCF is a Market Representation Partner of 3GPP and is liaising with standards organisations and industry associations to support the successful development and deployment of 5G.