GCF has over 300 members including most of the world’s key players across the mobile eco-system, covering device and IoT manufacturers, operators and representatives from the test industry.

So if you are a player in the wireless eco-system, whether an operator, device, IoT manufacturer or an organisation which needs to keep abreast of developments and not yet a GCF member, we would love you to join us!

Why GCF?

GCF Certification is the globally-recognised benchmark of interoperability between mobile phones and IoT devices incorporating cellular connectivity, and mobile networks.  The scheme identifies products as being interoperable with multiple networks and therefore suitable for sale in multiple markets

GCF provides the framework for the world's leading network Operators, the major brand names from the Device and IoT Manufacturers, the international Test Community, and other industry stakeholders including our industry partners, to come together to define the test requirements and specifications for our comprehensive certification programmes that ensures compliance with global industry standards for connectivity in wireless mobile and IoT devices.   Ensuirng device-network interoperabilty saves costs and time.  No matter where you are in the world, no matter what technoology you use, you can rely on GCF to deliver.  

Reasons you might like to join GCF

- GCF certification opens up global markets to members as the certification portfolio covers all relevant parts of international standards.

- By following the well-developed GCF certification process manufacturers can also reduce their time and costs to market with new devices

- Protect a company's brand name

- GCF legacy record since 1999

Device Trends 2018

For the latest in devices certifed at GCF, in 2018 please read here

Who can join GCF?

GCF membership is open to any organisation with an interest in cellular mobile and IoT connectivity. By joining GCF, participating companies demonstrate their shared commitment to supplying the end-users with products that work effectively and efficiently on multiple mobile networks worldwide.  

Main membership categories




Associate memberships can be used as a stepping stone to other membership types.

Apply for Membership

Joining GCF is a straightforward process that starts with the Membership Application Form.

1. complete an Application Form and Participation Agreement 

2. pay the membership fee (where applicable)

3. acceptance period and join

Already a GCF member? The login to the Members' portal is here

Contact GCF to discuss your membership requirements.  

Test, Certify, Connect.  GCF for the confidence in interoperability and performance where you are!