The 'Quality Mark' for interoperability trusted by the mobile industry

GCF certification benefits all players in the mobile value chain. 

Test. Certify. Connect.

For device manufacturers, certified interoperability:

  • Expands the addressable market and facilitates entry into new markets
  • Drives economies of scale
  • Increases sales volumes
  • Cuts return rates and support costs

For operators, certified devices:

  • Perform correctly on their own networks
  • Associate the operators’ brand with high quality service delivery
  • Reduce support costs

Certification identifies products that will meet the service level expectations of end-users and drive customer satisfaction

GCF members include:
Operators representing all key markets worldwide
Manufacturers of handsets, tablets, chipsets, modules and the increasingly diverse devices that incorporate mobile connectivity, including IoT
Observers including test laboratories, test system manufacturers and other industry stakeholders.

Test. Certify. Connect.
GCF for confidence in device and network interoperability