Mobile World Congress Americas 2018

“Imagine a better future” - we’re on the cusp of fully realising this as we now see early 5G deployments, unprecedented advances in connected automotive systems and increasing IoT connectivity that is fast, efficient and secure. The success of all of this is dependent on seamless device and network interoperability and compliance to industry standards. At Global Certification Forum (GCF), our members are from major operators, manufacturers and the test industry, and we’re all working together on certification schemes for the latest 3GPP & IoT technologies (LTE / LTE-A Pro, NB-IoT and CAT M), incorporating 5G requirements and establishing certification for Remote SIM Provisioning, oneM2M, Automotive (C-V2X), and Mission Critical Services (MC-PTT).

With such a powerful global team, we also recognise that whilst the benefit of connectivity and interoperability in lowering development and operating costs is a given, there is the prevailing challenge of geography and culture and so we don’t expect one solution to work for everyone. That’s why we have GCF device certification for the Americas, and we’ll be at Mobile World Congress Americas (MWCA) from 12-14 September 2018 specifically to discuss how we can benefit businesses in the telecoms and smart connectivity space by enabling certification of products and solutions in a wide range of industry verticals.

If you would like to meet us during MWCA please contact us to schedule a convenient time. What’s more, we have some free passes to give away, so if you’re not sure exactly how your business could benefit from certification - apply for a *free pass* today.

A free pass also gives you access to GCF’s participation in the 2018 Partner Program  “Device Certification for the Americas”, for which we are already nearly fully subscribed.  

This conference, which takes place on Friday, 14 September at 09.00am, will look at the advent of 5G and the explosive growth of IoT connectivity as sustainable only if it’s properly managed. IoT services can be truly enabled via standardised technologies like oneM2M globally and at GCF we collaborate with all these world class organisations such as oneM2M and TTA.  During the power hour, we’ll have a panel discussion with key industry figures on the current situation, how can we properly standardise technologies and enable seamless connectivity and interoperability and what does the future really look like?

For more information:

Contact GCF to schedule a meeting during the event or drop by our meeting room, W2.502-A, during lunch / coffee if you just want to say hello!



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