GCF & TCCA MCS Workshop Malaga

GCF and TCCA are organising a joint workshop on January 31st - February 1st 2024 in Malaga, Spain. 

The goal of the workshop is to complement the regular monthly GCF MCS workstream online meetings with an opportunity for GCF and TCCA members to meet in person and to continue the discussion initiated in the previous Nov 2023 workshop. 

The agenda will recap the key discussions and outcomes of the previous workshop, as well as explore a number of new topics including providing an overview of end-to-end Mission Critical systems, understanding the latest status of the certification programme, additional testing practices such as Interoperability and Performance testing of products and services, defining the next phase of the certification programme roadmap as MCS evolves from 4G to 5G, server-side certification, interworking with non-terrestrial networks and device to device communications.

The MCS workshop is being co-located with the TCCA's Legal and Regulatory Working Group (LRWG) meeting, with a joint session between the two groups on Jan 31st to discuss and understand the needs and requirements from a procurement perspective to ensure certified products and solutions are entering the market.

To register your attendance, please visit the registration link or contact us via email at [email protected]