GCF wishes to encourage its membership to promote the GCF organization, our purpose and the benefits of GCF membership. For this purpose, we have developed two general logos: the general GCF Company Logo and the GCF Member Logo. 

For these two logos, master logos have been produced for Members to download and to use in their marketing materials to communicate to others that the organization is a Member company of GCF. 

The use of the GCF Company Logo and the GCF Member logo is not subject to a license agreement.  However, the Member must ensure that the use of the GCF Company Logo and the GCF Member Logo is in accordance with the GCF Brand Guidelines. In these  Brand Guidelines, the different elements of the brand are explained and also how they can and should be used: please see Downloads below.

Please note that if your communication is making a statement on behalf of GCF or suggests a GCF representative view on a given subject you must obtain prior authorisation from the current Steering Group Chair and/or Vice Chair in accordance with GCF-PD clause 4.1. 
Please also note that for the purposes of a Recognized Test Organisation a seperate logo has been developed. However, the use of this so-called RTO Logo is subject to the signing of a license agreement. For more information, please check the information on RTO on this portal.

Brand Guidelines and Logo Downloads 

Brand Guidelines


GCF Logo


GCF Member Logo

If you have any queries regarding the use of the GCF Logo's please contact [email protected] 

Helping Members explain GCF to senior management within their own companies

In response to a number of requests, two short documents have been created which contain messaging that may help you explain the role and value of GCF membership to senior management or your non-technical colleagues within your companies.  
Space has been included within each Word document to allow a member to add data or information that may be relevant to their company's use of GCF Certification. Separate documents have been created for:

Manufacturer Members


Operator Members


Members are free to make use of the documents in any way that is helpful to them within their own companies.  The documents can be used as they are, or sections of the text may be used - in English or translated - in other documents or presentations. 
Below are PDF versions of the documents that cannot be customised

Manufacturers (pdf)


Operators (pdf)