Welcome to the Global Certification Forum

Drawing together leading players from across the mobile industry, the Global Certification Forum (GCF) is an independent certification scheme for mobile phones and wireless devices that are based on 3GPP and 3GPP2 standards.

With a philosophy of 'test once, use anywhere', and an industry agreed set of Certification Criteria that includes conformance, field trial & IOT requirements, GCF aims to ensure that a mobile device will work effectively on mobile networks anywhere in the world.

GCF members include leading mobile network operators representing all the key markets worldwide, over 70 device manufacturers and other stakeholders such as test system suppliers and test laboratories.

Manufacturer Device Date
Sierra Wireless AirPrime SL8082T 2014-12-18
Sierra Wireless AirPrime SL8082BT 2014-12-18
Sierra Wireless AirPrime SL8084T 2014-12-18
Sierra Wireless AirPrime SL8084BT 2014-12-18
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd 403SC 2014-12-18
LG Electronics Ltd A100 2014-12-18
Sierra Wireless AirPrime HL7518 2014-12-16