New IoT chipset certification coming in Q4

IoT chipset certification from GCF was recently approved at the Steering Group meeting #80 and will be available in the second half of Q4, pending the implementation of the IT update to GCF's certification tools. The programme will cover chipsets supporting NB-IoT and LTE-M initially and will evolve to include other technologies.

IoT chipset certification from GCF will allow certification of chipsets using data taken from GCF approved Test Platforms under quality requirements defined by GCF which includes the recognition by GCF of the chipset manufacturer's test facility.

The new certification programme will allow the IoT ecosystem to easily integrate and embed certified chipsets into modules and devices, with the execution of a standard confidence test suite by GCF Recognised Test Organnisations (RTOs).  Both manufacturers and IoT integrators will benefit from the significant reductions in time and cost.

For more information on IoT chipset certification, please get in touch here.

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