GCF announces key milestone in delivering certification solutions for 5G devices

New robust solution for 5G devices in the mobile industry

The Global Certification Forum (GCF) today announced that it has activated the first work item for 5G certification. This underscores the work the organisation has undertaken with its global partners in developing a 5G ecosystem that will offer a full 5G certification test suite by the end of the year. Today’s news will be a critical driver for the mobile communications industry in rolling out 5G technology, where secure and reliable connectivity is more important than ever. Independent testing with this new certification programme will ensure products interoperate correctly with all 5G networks.

“This is just the start of a full certification programme for 5G technology,” said Lars Nielsen, General Manager GCF. “These are the first results of the hard work that the mobile industry has put in to developing and implementing 5G testing standards and we can expect the activation of more work items to follow soon.”

Today’s news is the culmination of GCF’s ongoing collaboration with the mobile industry to prioritise work items supporting the functionality of initial 5G devices aligned with the 3GPP roadmap, as well as financial support for the development of 5G TTCN, used for the implementation of conformance test cases.

Using GCF certified 5G chipsets, modules and modems will ensure reliability of service and successful deployment of 5G communications and IoT services. This will be critical for all applications from driverless cars, factory and process automation to augmented, virtual and mixed reality.

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About GCF

GCF, founded in 1999, defines the certification requirements for the mobile industry by working closely with 3GPP, a global cooperation of independent standardization committees, (ARIB, ATIS, CCSA, ETSI, TSDSI, TTA, TTC), that define specifications for wireless standards. GCF’s expertise in mobile standards is built on its ability to bring together technical experts from around 140 of the world's leading manufacturers, operators and the test industry.

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