GCF announces first 5G certified device

GCF is pleased to confirm, in association with Huawei’s news announced today, that the Huawei Mate 20 X (5G) smartphone is the first mobile device to obtain GCF device certification including 5G.  This underscores GCF’s commitment to making 5G certification processes and capabilities available in time for the market launch of the first 5G devices.

The certification of the Huawei Mate 20 X (5G) smartphone was completed on 4th July 2019 to GCF-CC v3.74.0. GCF has been working on the certification of 5G devices since 3GPP approved the first 5G New Radio (NR) standard in December 2017 as part of 3GPP Release 15. GCF conformance testing for 5G is covered by work items which address both Standalone (SA) and Non-Standalone (NSA) networking modes based on test cases specified by the 3GPP RAN5 Working Group. To ensure that 5G device testing and certification was available in time for the first standards-compliant 5G devices, GCF financially supported to the development of the TTCN programming code used to accelerate the deployment of 3GPP test cases.

“The first 5G certification of a device is a huge milestone in the roll-out of 5G networks and devices,” said Lars Nielsen, General Manager of GCF. “GCF device certification ensures the compatibility and interoperability of devices which is vitally important in the fast emerging 5G space, where many manufacturers will be launching new devices and technologies."

Note:  3GPP, the 3rd Generation Partnership Project, unites seven telecommunications standard development organisations (ARIB, ATIS, CCSA, ETSI, TSDSI, TTA, TTC). 3GPP standards are prioritised and grouped into releases for implementation.  GCF-CC is the certification criteria maintained and issued quarterly by GCF in line with the update of standards from 3GPP.