ETSI IoT Week 2021

GCF's Head of Certification IoT & Verticals, Asif Hamidullah, shared his insights at ETSI IoT Week 2021, which ran from 26-30 April.

Key takeaways from the presentation include:

  • GCF is well prepared for the onslaught of different IoT devices types that are projected to come online the coming years by having flexible and cost efficient IoT certification programs for industry.
  • Network interoperability, security and reliability will be key for IoT products as diverse uses requiring varying Quality of Service (QoS) parameters from the network will become a reality. Example: a remote surgery session, or self-driving vehicle will require ultra low latency and high reliability connections compared to a smart meter transmitting a bulk update to the network at the end of the month.
  • GCF's IoT Solutions allow for flexible options for manufacturers utilising a certified IoT chipset, module or platform to commercialise their end product quickly and efficiently while ensuring the quality required for various IoT verticals.
  • GCF is covering both radio (NB-IoT & LTE-M) and application layer (oneM2M) for IoT technologies, allowing organisations to verify the functionality of the entire device stack.
  • 5G will spur the growth in IoT and leveraging GCF as your partner for both 5G and IoT will allow you to participate with over 300 companies worldwide to play a key role in the IoT revolution.

For more information on ETSI IoT Week and how to access presentations from the virtual event, visit the website here.