Certification in the MENA region

GCF will be holding quarterly web conferences to provide an overview of updates to certification programmes for the MENA region.

The first webconference will take place on : 12th March 2019 at 3pm GST (11am GMT)

Contact us to register for this event (or just send an email to [email protected])

  1. GCF 5G update: all the latest on the start of our 5G certification programme (15 mins)
  2. New activities in GCF (15 mins)
    •  the impact of technology advances on antenna OTA testing
    •  Multi-access Edge Computing task force
    •  oneM2M certification launches in GCF
  3. MENA region update : the latest status on 5G trials and launches (15 mins)
  4. Q&A : next steps and how you can get involved (15 mins)


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