Updates from GCF's Q3 2019 Steering Group Meeting

  • 07 Oct 2019
  • Roy Church (Samsung) – 2019 SG Chair

GCF returned to Hong Kong for the first time since 2013 for its Steering Group meeting #80, with founding member TesTime as hosts. Although in the past 6 years much has changed in the organisation, the ability for these meetings to have open and fair discussion resulting in consensus has most certainly not.

Working hard over the past few months, GCF’s MMCP Task Force took a proposal for C-IoT chipset certification from concept stage in December last year, to a working certification process for approval at SG#80 - resulting in the IoT ecosystem being able to integrate certified chipsets into products.

A new Work Item was also introduced to the ever expanding GCF certification scheme for Rel-13 Elevation Beamforming/Full-Dimension MIMO for E-UTRA to meet the industry expectations of LTE devices supporting Rel-13 enhancements on Full-Dimension MIMO.

GCF continues to develop ties with 5GAA and is currently engaged in sharing information on a common framework that addresses the testing needs for the continually evolving C-V2X systems.

Similarly, oneM2M certification progresses in GCF with the coming oneM2M Release 2 specifications expected to be completed soon.

SG#80 also learnt that GCF membership continues to grow, especially for manufacturers wishing to certify their IoT devices, and certification of all devices is continuing to increase quarter-by-quarter.

Q4 is a busy month, with GCF attending the following events:

India Mobile Congress 2019, 14-16 October, New Delhi

CAG2#25, 21 October, Dallas

MWC19 Los Angeles, 22-24 October, Los Angeles

IoT Solutions World Congress, 29-31 October, Barcelona

2nd Annual GCF MENA Workshop, 25 November, Dubai

GCF’s Steering Group moves westwards to Tampa in Florida for the SG#81 meeting (10-12 December) hosted by GCF itself. Should you wish to be a part of the meeting as a guest or potential new member, please get in touch here.  



Roy Church (Samsung) – 2019 SG Chair

Roy Church – GCF Steering Group Chair (Samsung Electronics)