New DCC Database Platform Strengthens GCF for the Future

  • 20 Jun 2022
  • Lars Nielsen

GCF’s new Device Certification Criteria database (DCC) has gone live. We’re excited that the database is now integrated into the same hardware and software platform as the main GCF portal. The result is not only more efficient but also makes the database more robust and gives us extra flexibility to support new features and handle the changes the future will bring.

Enhancing the database in this way is essential. The DCC is crucial to our ability to offer our comprehensive suite of certification solutions. These are based on tests defined by global standards organisations and cover a hugely diverse selection of connected devices.

To give an idea of the scale of the database, and the task of moving onto the new platform, the DCC currently contains more than 8400 validated test cases packaged into 1800+ work items, developed by GCF member companies that are experts in their respective fields. Each test case must be validated on at least one frequency band to be accepted as a GCF certification criterion. There are over 1000 frequency band configurations to be considered, mostly 4G and 5G, and more are expected in the future. Currently around 2.2 million validations are recorded and we processed nearly 52,000 additional validations in the last 12 months.

With the huge and growing number of wireless applications and devices, all needing to connect using various standards and in differing frequency bands, ensuring interoperability is critical. Our certification solutions take away the burden of identifying and researching applicable standards and relevant tests, working out how to apply the tests, and keeping the tests up to date with the latest specifications. Ultimately, they enable faster time-to-market and more cost-efficient use of test house services.

GCF’s C-V2X certification programme for automotive cellular vehicle-to-everything communication provides a good example of the benefits on offer. C-V2X is a multi-faceted area that continues to increase in complexity and, in future, standards and specifications from additional industry bodies will need to be taken into consideration. Our programme will continue to evolve to provide suitable test cases, so that subscribers can quickly begin testing.

Our test solutions extend across a wide range of connected applications, covering the hugely complex field of 3GPP certifications, as well as oneM2M standards for IoT applications and security for consumer connected products.

Right now, there is an explosion happening in the number and diversity of connected applications and devices, so it’s vital that we ensure the DCC is operating on the most flexible, scalable and robust platform possible. The tests it contains are subject to updates on a daily basis, resulting in frequent publication of a new certification criteria document. There are also quarterly meetings that produce major updates to the GCF certification criteria, with many changes to the data. These meetings provide the opportunity to introduce new technologies, like 5G, or new features, like C-V2X, and the database is now far more adaptable to accommodate these required changes. It can also keep pace with the GCF processes, which are continuously being refined.

We have also removed some legacy features, while adding various functional improvements. Going forward, an enhancement programme is in place to introduce further upgrades to functions and user interfaces. This is a continuation of the process that has been in place since we launched the original DCC.

As a result, we are now in an even stronger position to deliver proven certification solutions that add value to our members’ activities and bring peace of mind to their customers and users.


Lars Nielsen

CEO and General Manager, GCF