100+ 5G product models certified

100+ 5G product models certified within 6 months of the certification programme launch

The proliferation of 5G products onto the market has seen a ramp in the popularity of the GCF 5G certification programme. Certification and field trials are active for 5G non-standalone and 5G standalone. With significant fragmentation when it comes to the use of bands and spectrum across all geographical locations, it is imperative for all stakeholders to understand which devices are certified and meet all types of requirements. This principle applies not only to smartphones but also to IoT modules and chipsets. With 100+ 5G product models already being certified by September 2020, this means that millions of the latest devices coming onto the market will not let consumers down thanks to the GCF process. By comparison, the rate of certification when LTE was introduced was much slower over the same timeframe, so being prepared for this fast roll-out is imperative. GCF works in partnership with NGMN, an operator driven organisation representing more than 200 networks globally and 60% of worldwide mobile customers, to ensure that mobile broadband communications meet end user demand for secure and reliable connection.

The GCF published list of certified products can be found here

To hear more about GCF 5G and IoT certification programmes and to get involved in shaping the future of these, please contact the GCF team: [email protected]