Bringing certification to cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X)

With the C-V2X market evolving rapidly, there is a requirement for a certification process to ensure compliance to standards, ensuring that transport in the future is safe and reliable. The new certification scheme as it evolves will address; protocol and radio layer testing requirements for C-V2X LTE PC5 side link; provide a process for testing in a conformance test environment; provide support for maintaining the latest testing requirements as indicated by the relevant standards.

GCF has partnered with 5GAA to investigate the principles, process and framework for a certification programme designed specifically for C-V2X, initially for the protocol and radio aspects of C-V2X LTE PC5 Mode 4 Side Link in the 5.9GHz band, extending to 5GNR PC5 mode 2 as well as additional areas based on mutual agreement as the programme progresses. 

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