Battery Life Metrics

Battery life is an important device parameter for end-users.

The use of standardised test methods allows Manufacturers to:

  • Report battery life in a meaningful way
  • Use an agreed, single measurement method consistent with the product acceptance regimes of multiple GCF operator members.

Referencing the GSMA Terminal Steering Group PRD TS.09 “Battery Life Measurement Technique”, Battery Life Metrics includes a selection of measurements that represent typical use scenarios of a mobile device.  These are used to extrapolate indicative power consumption data under complicated usage scenarios.

As a key performance metric relevant to all device types, Battery Life measurements are applicable to LTE, 3G/UMTS, GSM/GPRS and multimode terminals.

Test methods have been defined for applications and usage scenarios relevant to the different radio technologies.

Applications covered include:

  • voice calling
  • video streaming
  • web browsing
  • music playback.

Standby times and usage scenarios with and without a Bluetooth headset are also covered.