GCF Key Performance Metrics

The Key Performance Metrics programme has been designed to allow manufacturers to quantify and report, in a harmonised way, on agreed aspects of the performance of a wireless product.

Performance Metrics testing is an optional but invaluable complement to GCF Certification.

The programme allows manufacturers to:

  • Choose which performance characteristics to quantify - giving them flexibility to address performance attributes most relevant to the product and its intended use
  • Retain control over access to the commercially sensitive performance data.

Standardised Performance Metrics contribute to efficiencies that benefit the whole industry:

  • Manufacturers report against a common performance standard agreed by all GCF Operators
  • Operators benefit from performance data measured using industry-agreed, best practice methods
  • The test industry can offer test expertise against a common industry requirement

GCF’s Key Performance Metrics currently define product performance relating to

  • Battery life
  • Acoustics
  • Antenna
  • Data-throughput.

Members can propose the creation of a new Performance Metric at Steering Group.