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1903 results

Ref Manufacturer Model Name Marketing Name Certification Date Actions
9906 Fibocom Wireless Inc NL668-AM-05 NL668-AM-05 16-Jun-2021 View
9907 Fibocom Wireless Inc NL668-AM-05-LCC NL668-AM-05-LCC 16-Jun-2021 View
9908 Fibocom Wireless Inc NL668-AM-LCC NL668-AM-LCC 16-Jun-2021 View
9905 SEQUANS Communications S.A. GM02S GM02S 14-Jun-2021 View
9896 ZTE Corporation MC801A MC801A 05-Jun-2021 View
9895 Motorola Mobility LLC XT2128-2 (Type Name MC39E) XT2128-2 04-Jun-2021 View
9893 Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp Ltd CPH2247 CPH2247 04-Jun-2021 View
9891 Quectel Wireless Solutions Co., Ltd. EM121R-GL Quectel EM121R-GL 03-Jun-2021 View
9898 TCL Communication Ltd 9080G 9080G 03-Jun-2021 View
9892 ZTE Corporation MU5001/Airbox - 5G (MU5001) MU5001/Airbox - 5G (MU5001) 03-Jun-2021 View
9867 Reliance Communications LLC R678L5 Orbic Myra 28-May-2021 View
9866 Reliance Communications LLC RC178LWRT Orbic Smart Wrist 28-May-2021 View
9874 Lenovo Mobile Communication Technology Co Ltd Lenovo TB-X6C6L Lenovo Tab K10 28-May-2021 View
9901 Emporia Telecom GmbH Co KG S5 emporiaSMART.5 28-May-2021 View
9876 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. GLL-AL01 HUAWEI WATCH 3 PRO 28-May-2021 View
9871 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd SM-M325FV/DS SM-M325FV/DS 27-May-2021 View
9872 Quectel Wireless Solutions Co., Ltd. SC100L-WU Quectel SC100L-WU 27-May-2021 View
9868 Zebra Technologies Corporation TC26EK TC26EK 26-May-2021 View
9864 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd SM-A225F/DSN, SM-A225F/DS, SM-A225F SM-A225F/DSN, SM-A225F/DS, SM-A225F 24-May-2021 View
9816 Xiaomi Communications F490 Xiaomi F490 21-May-2021 View
9861 THALES DIS AlS Deutschland GmbH EXS82-W Cinterion EXS82-W 21-May-2021 View
9862 THALES DIS AlS Deutschland GmbH EXS62-W Cinterion EXS62-W 21-May-2021 View
9858 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. GLL-AL04 HUAWEI WATCH 3 19-May-2021 View
9855 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd SM-T735 SM-T735 18-May-2021 View
9844 HMD Global Oy TA-1339 TA-1339 17-May-2021 View
9805 Motorola Mobility LLC XT2131-1 (Type Name MC382) XT2131-1 17-May-2021 View
9854 Inseego Corp FX2000-3 FX2000 High Performance 5G Indoor Router 17-May-2021 View
9846 HMD Global Oy TA-1356 TA-1356 17-May-2021 View
9798 HMD Global Oy TA-1386 TA-1386 14-May-2021 View
9831 Bullitt Mobile Ltd XT2083-9 XT2083-9 14-May-2021 View
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