LTE Products

This is a list of of LTE product certifications published in the last 36 months.

An explanation of 3GPP's UTRA (3G) and E-UTRA (LTE) bands can be found here.

1226 results

Ref Manufacturer Model Name Marketing Name Certification Date Actions
8695 Compal Electronics, Inc. Asgard Asgard 21-Feb-2020 View
8682 TCL Communication Ltd 5002X 5002X 17-Feb-2020 View
8661 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. MS2372h-158 MS2372h-158 07-Feb-2020 View
8663 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. K5161h K5161h 07-Feb-2020 View
8649 TCL Communication Ltd 5002D 5002D 06-Feb-2020 View
8642 LG Electronics Ltd LM-Q620VA LM-Q620VA 06-Feb-2020 View
8643 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd SM-G715U1 SM-G715U1 04-Feb-2020 View
8673 Ad Hoc Developments S.L. V3 Fixed Wireless Terminal V3 03-Feb-2020 View
8606 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd SM-G715FN SM-G715FN 21-Jan-2020 View
8605 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd SM-A015V SM-A015V 21-Jan-2020 View
8577 LG Electronics Ltd LM-K500UM K51 20-Jan-2020 View
8580 Vivo Mobile Communication Co Ltd V1926 Y21 19-Jan-2020 View
8598 ZTE Corporation R219z R219z 18-Jan-2020 View
8558 LG Electronics Ltd LG L555DL LG L555DL 17-Jan-2020 View
8557 LG Electronics Ltd LG L455DL LG L455DL 16-Jan-2020 View
8590 TCL Communication Ltd 5029Y 5029Y 16-Jan-2020 View
8592 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd SM-T307U (P) SM-T307U (P) 16-Jan-2020 View
8584 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd SM-T307U(V) SM-T307U(V) 15-Jan-2020 View
8583 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd SM-T307U SM-T307U 15-Jan-2020 View
8578 TCL Communication Ltd 5007U 5007U 14-Jan-2020 View
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