LTE Products

This is a list of of LTE product certifications published in the last 12 months.

An explanation of 3GPP's UTRA (3G) and E-UTRA (LTE) bands can be found here.

342 results

Ref Manufacturer Model Name Marketing Name Certification Date Actions
7258 Xiaomi Communications M1803E6H Redmi S2 20-Jul-2018 View
7255 u-blox AG MPCI-L201 MPCI-L201 17-Jul-2018 View
7251 TCL Communication Ltd MW70VK MW70VK 16-Jul-2018 View
7237 TCL Communication Ltd 2003G 2003G 04-Jul-2018 View
7236 TCL Communication Ltd 9027X 9027X 04-Jul-2018 View
7235 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd SM-T837V _ 03-Jul-2018 View
7232 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd SM-T835 _ 29-Jun-2018 View
7216 LG Electronics Ltd LM-Q710EM LM-Q710EM 27-Jun-2018 View
7214 Sony Mobile Communications Inc PM-1164-BV H3413 27-Jun-2018 View
7207 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd SM-J810Y _ 21-Jun-2018 View
7205 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd SM-S367VL _ 20-Jun-2018 View
7206 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd SM-J810Y/DS _ 20-Jun-2018 View
7204 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd SM-S767VL _ 20-Jun-2018 View
7196 TCL Communication Ltd 5033Y 5033Y 19-Jun-2018 View
7186 HMD Global Oy TA-1061 TA-1061 15-Jun-2018 View
7122 Sonim Technologies Inc XP8800(PC4032) XP8 14-Jun-2018 View
7183 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd SM-J810F/DS _ 14-Jun-2018 View
7177 TCL Communication Ltd A502DL A502DL 14-Jun-2018 View
7181 HMD Global Oy TA-1075 TA-1075 14-Jun-2018 View
7200 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. CMR-AL19 HUAWEI MediaPad M5 Pro 13-Jun-2018 View
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