LTE Products

This is a list of of LTE product certifications published in the last 12 months.

An explanation of 3GPP's UTRA (3G) and E-UTRA (LTE) bands can be found here.

406 results

Ref Manufacturer Model Name Marketing Name Certification Date Actions
7547 LG Electronics Ltd LM-X220PM LM-X220PM 09-Nov-2018 View
7543 Xiaomi Communications M1808D2TG Mi 8 Lite 09-Nov-2018 View
7539 Verve Connect Ltd IMO S2 IMO S2 08-Nov-2018 View
7501 GE MDS LLC Orbit ECR (4Gy) GE MDS ORBIT ECR 30-Oct-2018 View
7553 GE MDS LLC Orbit MCR (4Gy) GE MDS ORBIT MCR 30-Oct-2018 View
7518 TCL Communication Ltd 9009G 9009G 29-Oct-2018 View
7512 ZTE Corporation Z559DL Z559DL 26-Oct-2018 View
7508 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd SM-W737P SM-W737P 25-Oct-2018 View
7497 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd SM-A920F SM-A920F 23-Oct-2018 View
7495 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd SM-A920F/DS SM-A920F/DS 23-Oct-2018 View
7488 Motorola Mobility LLC XT1921-7 (Type Name M3953) Moto E Play (5th Gen) 17-Oct-2018 View
7483 Inseego Corp MIFI8800L MIFI 8800L 15-Oct-2018 View
7475 Microsoft Corporation 1825_2 Surface Go 12-Oct-2018 View
7474 Microsoft Corporation 1825_1 Surface Go 11-Oct-2018 View
7477 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd SM-J410G/DS SM-J410G/DS 11-Oct-2018 View
7478 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd SM-J410G SM-J410G 11-Oct-2018 View
7502 GE MDS LLC Orbit MCR (4Ga) GE MDS ORBIT MCR 10-Oct-2018 View
7476 Microsoft Corporation 1825_3 Surface Go 10-Oct-2018 View
7427 Lenovo Mobile Communication Technology Co Ltd Lenovo YOGA C630-13Q50, 81JL Lenovo YOGA C630-13Q50, 81JL 08-Oct-2018 View
7469 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd SM-A750GN SM-A750GN 04-Oct-2018 View
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