Certified Modules

An optimised certification process is available for products where wireless communications is not fundamental to their primary function and connectivity is implemented by means of a GCF-Certified embedded wireless module certified within the last three years.  

The list of of qualifying modules published in the last 12 months is given below.

An explanation of 3GPP's UTRA (3G) and E-UTRA (LTE) bands can be found here.


139 results

Ref Manufacturer Model Name Marketing Name Certification Date Actions
7249 u-blox AG LARA-R211 LARA-R211-02 16-Jul-2018 View
7246 Sierra Wireless WP7700 Sierra Wireless WP7700 12-Jul-2018 View
7241 Sierra Wireless WP7702 SIerra Wireless WP7702 12-Jul-2018 View
7238 Foxconn International Holdings T77W980 T77W980 04-Jul-2018 View
7209 Foxconn International Holdings T77W968 T77W968 03-Jul-2018 View
7233 u-blox AG TOBY-L210 TOBY-L210-02 02-Jul-2018 View
7234 u-blox AG TOBY-L280 TOBY-L280 02-Jul-2018 View
7227 u-blox AG TOBY-L201 TOBY-L201 28-Jun-2018 View
7210 Sierra Wireless WP7607-1 AirPrime WP7607-1 26-Jun-2018 View
7211 Sierra Wireless WP7608 AirPrime WP7608 26-Jun-2018 View
7212 Sierra Wireless WP7608-1 AirPrime WP7608-1 26-Jun-2018 View
7202 Gemalto M2M GmbH ELS31-V Cinterion ELS31-V 20-Jun-2018 View
7135 Fibocom Wireless Inc L816-GL L816-GL 01-Jun-2018 View
7133 Sierra Wireless WP7609 AirPrime WP7609 31-May-2018 View
7111 Continental Automotive Systems Inc BL28EU-002 BL28EU-002 24-May-2018 View
7073 Quectel Wireless Solutions Co., Ltd. SC20-AU Quectel SC20-AU 17-May-2018 View
7075 Continental Automotive Systems Inc BL28JP-001 BL28JP-001 10-May-2018 View
7060 Sierra Wireless VI7120-4 AirPrime VI7120-4 07-May-2018 View
7036 Sierra Wireless HL7718 AirPrime HL7718 04-May-2018 View
7138 Sierra Wireless EM7511 SIerra Wireless EM7511 02-May-2018 View
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