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1661 results

Ref Manufacturer Model Name Marketing Name Certification Date Actions
8417 Microsoft Corporation 1876_2 Surface Pro X 17-Oct-2019 View
8420 Microsoft Corporation 1876_3 Surface Pro X 17-Oct-2019 View
8416 Microsoft Corporation 1876 Surface Pro X 16-Oct-2019 View
8407 LG Electronics Ltd TLVHE4IU-E OCU4 15-Oct-2019 View
8413 HMD Global Oy TA-1171 TA-1171 14-Oct-2019 View
8414 TCL Communication Ltd MT32 MOVETIME Family Watch 14-Oct-2019 View
8412 OnePlus Technology (Schenzhen) Co Ltd HD1913 OnePlus 7T Pro 12-Oct-2019 View
8382 OnePlus Technology (Schenzhen) Co Ltd HD1903 OnePlus 7T 11-Oct-2019 View
8399 LG Electronics Ltd LMT600QS G Pad10.1 FHD 11-Oct-2019 View
8406 HMD Global Oy TA-1155 TA-1155 11-Oct-2019 View
8408 Aptiv Services US, LLC CT-150-F-EU-LTE CT-150-F-EU-LTE 09-Oct-2019 View
8422 Gosuncn Technology Group Co. Ltd ME3616 ME3616 08-Oct-2019 View
8400 LG Electronics Ltd LM-G850QM LM-G850QM 04-Oct-2019 View
8398 Doro AB DFB-0280 Doro DFB-0280 01-Oct-2019 View
8396 Xiaomi Communications M1906G7G Redmi Note 8 Pro 30-Sep-2019 View
8397 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd SM-T547U SM-T547U 30-Sep-2019 View
8390 Doro AB DFC-0270 Doro DFC-0270 30-Sep-2019 View
8375 LG Electronics Ltd LM-X540EMW LM-X540EMW 27-Sep-2019 View
8393 MobiWire SAS MobiWire Sora2, Orange Neva start MobiWire Sora2, Orange Neva start 26-Sep-2019 View
8392 Gemalto M2M GmbH BGS12 Cinterion BGS12 26-Sep-2019 View
8391 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd SC-01M SC-01M 25-Sep-2019 View
8387 Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp Ltd CPH1943 A5 2020 25-Sep-2019 View
8394 Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp Ltd CPH1931 A5 2020 25-Sep-2019 View
8379 Motorola Mobility LLC XT2016-1 [DS] (Type name M4FC8) Motorola One Macro 20-Sep-2019 View
8378 Motorola Mobility LLC XT2016-1 (Type name M4FC8) Motorola One Macro 19-Sep-2019 View
8368 Honeywell Scanning & Mobility CT40-L1N Dolphin CT40 18-Sep-2019 View
8370 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd SM-T867U SM-T867U 18-Sep-2019 View
8369 Wingtech Group (Hong Kong) Ltd TMX-DM03 CONNECTED DASHCAM 18-Sep-2019 View
8363 u-blox AG LISA-U201 LISA-U201-04 17-Sep-2019 View
8364 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd SM-A207M/DS SM-A207M/DS 17-Sep-2019 View
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