SG#81 - SG Meeting


SG#81 is the final meeting of the GCF Steering Group for 2019 and will be co-located with our AGM.  The meetings will take place in Tampa, Florida from 10-12 December, 2019.

If you are new to the GCF or thinking about joining the GCF or have not participated in a Steering Group and wondering how the plenary function operates?  Then please join us in Tampa and discover the benefits of participating in member meetings, some of which are outlined below:

  • Assurance that your company’s interests are  represented and input into important industry decisions including, 5G and IoT certification
  • By participating in industry initiatives through GCF, enable your company to have higher visibility in the industry
  • Deepen your knowledge of how the GCF functions and reaches decisions
  • Connect and network with industry colleagues across the globe in a welcoming environment

Attendance is free of charge and included in the membership fee for most membership categories.  For further details, please get in touch here


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