Operator Membership

GCF Operator membership is open to any Operator of a network based on any 3GPP or 3GPP2 technology: 5G, LTE (FDD & TDD); 3G/HSPA/DC-HSPA; GSM/GPRS/EDGE.

Key benefits for Operator members:

GCF Certification assures all Operator members that mobile and IoT devices will:

  • perform correctly on their network infrastructure
  • deliver a seamless roaming service
  • associate the operator's brand with high quality service delivery.
  • reduced testing means a faster time to market and to revenue.

GCF Certification is supported by all Operator members with interests in markets worldwide.

GCF coverage worldwide

The transparency of the GCF scheme allows Operator members to focus their own testing activity on requirements specific to their own network or service proposition rather than common areas covered by GCF.

Operator Member categories

There are five types of Operator Membership available. 


Join GCF in just 3 steps:- 

1. complete an Application Form and Participation Agreement 

2. pay the membership fee (where applicable). 

3. acceptance period and join 

Contact GCF to discuss your membership requirements.