Manufacturer Membership

GCF Manufacturer Membership is open to Mobile Device and IoT manufacturers worldwide; this is the only membership category that can certify a product at GCF.

Why Certify?

GCF Certification delivers extra confidence throughout the mobile product value chain by demonstrating that a mobile or wireless device will interoperate correctly when used on a variety of digital mobile networks.

For manufacturers selling globally or regionally, the comprehensive, industry accepted, GCF Certification programme ensures device-network interoperability no matter where you are in the world. 

Compared with undertaking acceptance testing on a bi-lateral basis with multiple operators, GCF Certification dramatically cuts a manufacturer’s cumulative testing costs, reduces time to market and inceases time to revenue.

In addition, GCF membership provides invaluable opportunities for manufacturers and client application developers to meet and collaborate with representatives of the world's leading operators.

What types of products can be certified?

Manufacturers can certify any product incorporating mobile connectivity based on 3GPP and 3GPP2 technologies including:  5G, LTE (FDD & TDD); 3G/HSPA/DC-HSPA; GSM/GPRS/EDGE.

Typical products certified at GCF include:

  • Internet of Things’ and M2M products for "smart city", transportation, metering and other applications
  • Handsets: smartphones/feature phones
  • Tablets
  • Reference design platforms
  • Wireless modems
  • Mobile gateways/hotspots
  • Laptops & notebook PCs

Manufacturers of smart phones which have not undergone GCF testing have call drop rates which are typically 20% higher.

GCF is also promoting interoperability within the mobile eco-system with processes for certifying:

  • Embedded wireless modules that add mobile connectivity to other products
  • GSMA's eSIM / Remote SIM Provisioning technology
  • Standards-based client applications such as RCS
  • Software and/or hardware technical reference design platforms that can be incorporated 

It is important to note that an unlimited number of products may be certified with your GCF membership fee.

Manufacturer membership categories

There are 3 types of Manufacturer membership. The membership privileges and annual fees vary according to the member’s product type, quality management system, in-house expertise and experience. See the table below.  


Begin participating in GCF in just 3 steps:- 

1. complete an Application Form and Participation Agreement 

2. pay the membership fee 

3. acceptance period and join

Membership Application Form


Contact GCF to discuss your membership options.

Test, Certify, Connect. We are 5G ready!
GCF for confidence in interoperability and performance globally. 


  • Associate Manufacturer Membership is designed for organisations that have a quality management system in place meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 or may be new to the mobile product market
  • A manufacturer who wants to produce mobile devices or other personal communication devices such as wireless USB modems or portable WiFi hotspots, can join GCF as an Associate Manufacturer Member I (AMM I)
  • A company manufacturing M2M, IoT, industrial or consumer electronic devices that incorporate cellular connectivity by means of a GCF-certified embedded wireless module or GCF-certified platform can certify its products as an Associate Manufacturer Member II (AMM II). An optimized certification scheme is available for the certification of devices based on GCF-certified modules and platforms
  • A developer of standards-based client applications for 3GPP and/or 3GPP2 devices can join GCF as a Client Vendor Member.
  • QAD = “Quality Assurance Declaration”: During the membership application process, all applicants submit a declaration confirming that their company’s quality management system adopts the principles of ISO 9001
  • ACE = Assessment Capable Entity: An entity that is capable of assessing the compliance of a Product against the relevant GCF Certification Criteria in accordance with GCF procedures. This may be a manufacturer's own ACE or a Third Party ACE which is an Observer or Manufacturer Member that offers these services as a third party
  • RTO = Recognised Test Organisation: Actual testing must be undertaken by a suitably qualified test organisation recognised by the GCF.
  • Newly certified products are included in the public listing