IoT Solutions - certified devices

IoT Solutions is a listing of GCF certified IoT devices which has been set up by GCF manufacturer members to support end product integrators looking for a trusted device to use in their applications.

For more information on the process of certifying an end product integrating a device please read here

Additional information and guidance on Mobile IoT can be found at GSMA Mobile IoT Initiative.

It should be noted that devices which have been certified within the last 24 months only are displayed.  Furthermore, a device may support additional bands and features than are covered by the certification declaration. Please refer to the product link under "More Details".

We hope that you find this page useful and welcome any feedback.

GCF certified products - the driving force in establishing confidence in interoperability


  • In GCF terminology devices are referred to as "modules" and "platforms" 
  • The data on this web page is provided by the device manufacturers and GCF does not take responsibility for the content

123 results

ID Manufacturer Model Technology Application(s) Markets More Details
8213 Fibocom Wireless Inc N510 NB-IoT AllShow more + Europe View
8144 SIMCom Wireless Solutions Ltd SIM7020G NB-IoT AllShow more + Global View
8103 Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd Type 1SC LTE-M Modem 4G LTE-M FDD WearablesShow more + Global View
8061 Telit Communications S.p.A LE910C1-NF 3G, 4G LTE FDD IndustrialShow more + North America View
8053 Telit Communications S.p.A LE910C4-NF 4G LTE FDD, 3G IndustrialShow more + North America View
8049 SIMCom Wireless Solutions Ltd SIM7000E GSM, NB-IoT, 4G LTE-M FDD Show more + Europe, Asia, MENA View
8037 SIMCom Wireless Solutions Ltd Heracles 224G GSM, NB-IoT, 4G LTE-M FDD Show more + Global View
8027 SIMCom Wireless Solutions Ltd SIM7000G NB-IoT, 4G LTE-M FDD, GSM Show more + Global View
8026 Fibocom Wireless Inc NL668-AM 4G LTE FDD, 3G IndustrialShow more + North America View
8016 Sierra Wireless AirLink RV55 LTE-A Pro Global 4G LTE FDD, 3G, 4G LTE TDD Industrial, Medical, Other, Grid, Home, Farming, City, Consumer Electronics, B2B, Wearables, Supply ChainShow more + Global View
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