eSIM RSP compliance

"In the next 5-7 years, more than 80% of the mobile communication market will have embedded SIM technology" - GSMA

eSIM is the only globally-backed remote SIM specification for consumer devices, standardised through GSMA specifications. It addresses many challenges that were not previously possible with traditional SIM technology.

Consumers need to have the confidence to understand that what is implemented in their handset is strictly adhering to standards, so they know they are using a certified, safe and trusted device. The partnership between GCF and GSMA has been long established, providing certification solutions based on GSMA specifications which continues with eSIM, as it becomes more and more important with products that include not just smart phones but wearables too.

GCF’s eSIM RSP (remote SIM provisioning) certification process provides functional means of test for RSP supporting consumer devices, as required for GSMA’s eSIM programme.

The GSMA’s RSP technology enables consumers to simply and securely download SIM profile information for an operator of their choice, directly to their device.  

GCF has designed its eSIM RSP test and certification requirements around GSMA’s eSIM PRDs: SGP.21, SGP.22 and, for testing, SGP.23, ensuring correct functionality and interoperability, which are key to this technology.

To support the wide adoption of eSIM RSP, GCF provides access to the RSP compliance scheme for members of GCF who want to certify the RSP functionality of their product.

Access to GCF RSP eSIM certification can be accessed by GCF user account holders who should login to the members portal and select <eSIM RSP> from the main menu.

Manufacturer members can also certify RSP compliance as part of the standard GCF certification process for a device.

GCF operator members can access RSP compliance declarations through the GCF members’ portal.