Certification News

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pdf3 August 2017(231.24 KB)

  • CAG scores 50 at Wembley:  50th meeting of the Conformance Agreement Group activates certification of new features, functionality, LTE TDD Band 34 and new Carrier Aggregation band combinations
  • New IoT Agreement Group: GCF expands its focus on the Internet of Things with a new Agreement Group
  • How GCF works: learn about how GCF's Steering Group and Agreement Groups develop certification to meet the evolving needs of the mobile industry
  • FTAG focuses on NB-IoT, RCS and IMS
  • Meet us: GCF's calendar of event and workshop


pdfJune 2017(331.53 KB)

  • Connectivity: key to success for the Internet of Things
  • Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP): GCF off to a running start
  • LAA, Home eNB, OTA performance and WEA Work Items introduced
  • Regional events & initiatives: India, MENA, China, LatAm
  • Membership Matters

pdfFebruary 2017(729.61 KB)

  • Platform Certification launched to simplify and cut cost of certification
  • Coming soon: certification for CAT-M1 &NB-IoT
  • LPWA, UICC-based NFC, MIMO Work Items approved at SG#69
  • Performance Agreement Group to introduce options for reporting MIMO OTA performance
  • Certification of LTE Band 66 and 3DL CA band combinations activated
  • Meet us at Mobile World Congress
  • Record number of manufacturers certify devices in 2016
  • New Board Directors and Agreement Group chairs elected for 2017-18
  • GCF adds significant Indian market experience to its Board with Non-Executive Director appointment
  • Membership Matters 

pdfNovember 2016

  • GCF prepares for certification of Dual-SIM/"All-Mode" devices
  • GCF working on new certification scheme for platforms
  • SG Approves Work Items for LTE Bands 66 & 41
  • OTA Performance Testing to be extended to Phablets
  • Carrier Aggregation and LTE remain priorities for GCF
  • IoT: GCF prepares to support roll-out
  • GCF events and workshops
  • Field Trial Agreement Group
  • GCF people
  • New Test Platforms
  • Membership Matters

pdfMay 2016408.14 KB

  • New partnersips with NFC Forum and 3GPP
  • 3GPP freezes Rel-13
  • New Work Items approved by Steering Group
  • Device certification workshop in India
  • New LTE RF Performance Metric
  • MENA Workshop in July
  • Carrier Aggregation coverage extended
  • cdma2000 / LTE co-existence
  • Enhanced certification rights available to Associate Members, Platform Certification being developed

pdfJanuary 20161.05 MB

  • GCF participates in industry events in China and Africa
  • Can certification contribute to the success of fixed-telephony IMS?
  • Smart Congestion Mitigation, MIMO in Carrier Aggregation, Assisted-BDS, RCS 5.3 and UICC-based NFC to be brought within Certification
  • Interoperability Testing and Field Trials 
  • GCF coverage of Carrier Aggregation continues to expand
  • Intel and Telit join GCF Board for first time

pdfSeptember 20151.23 MB

  • GCF extends coverage of advanced device capabilites
  • Engaging with industry worldwide
  • LTE advances
  • CDMA2000
  • Field Trial update
  • UICC-based NFC devices
  • Positioning & Location

pdfApril 2015499.43 KB

  • Connecting Globally - GCF reaches out to growth markets
  • Warm welcome in the Middle East
  • Update on conformance & interoperabilty testing
  • Field trials
  • CDMA2000
  • News in Brief
  • Membership matters

pdfJanuary 2015 863.98 KB

  • CDMA Certification transfers to GCF
  • GCF establishes M2M Task Force
  • Steering Group and Agreement Group updates
  • Five Directors elected to GCF Board
  • GCF Office expands
  • Key Performance Metrics
  • 2015 Meeting Schedule


pdfOctober 20141.75 MB

  • GCF to expand its M2M remit
  • Transfer of CDMA2000 device certification on track
  • Work Item update
  • Dual-SIM debate
  • Agreement Group Chairs & Vice Chairs for 2015-16
  • Strategy, Automotive, RCS, NFC and OTA Task Forces
  • Membership matters


pdfJuly 20141.46 MB

  • GCF China Workshop report
  • GCF in numbers
  • Report from the June 2014 Steering Group meeting
  • GCF Task Forces: Strategy 2015+, Automotive & new OTA Task Force
  • GCF-CCF Harmonisation update
  • New logo for GCF-Certified devices


pdfApril 2014 1.89 MB

  • New processes making GCF Certification more accessible
  • GCF China Workshop
  • Report from the March Steering Group meeting
  • GCF-CCF Harmonisation
  • Meeting the mobile industry at MWC


pdfJanuary 2014557.22 KB

  • GCF embarks on strategy review
  • Reports from the December Steering Group meeting
  • Progress of the GCF-CCF Harmonisation Initiative
  • 2014 Meeting Schedule


pdfOctober 20131.36 MB

  • Associate Manufacturer Membership
  • RCS Certification & Client Vendor Membership
  • Reports from SG#56 & SG#55
  • GCF-CCF Harmonisation Initiative
  • Highlights from recent Agreement Group meetings


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