GCF launches certification for TD-LTE devices

8 July 2011 Today, the Global Certification Forum (GCF) announced the extension of GCF Certification to TD-LTE mobile devices that operate in the 2570-2620 MHz band. This is a new milestone in the GCF LTE certification programme. Designated E-UTRA Band 38 by 3GPP, the 2570-2620 MHz band has been allocated for TD-LTE in a number of important markets. GCF Operator Member China Mobile played a key role in defining the GCF Certification Criteria for Band 38 mobile devices.

The addition of this first TD-LTE band to the four FDD LTE bands already included in the GCF certification scheme, demonstrates GCF's commitment to providing a globally-recognised means of demonstrating interoperability between LTE devices and networks.

Certification provides tangible evidence to operators that a manufacturer's LTE device will demonstrate high levels of interoperability with an LTE network – irrespective of the network's infrastructure vendors. Devices are tested against Certification Criteria that have been identified, agreed and validated by GCF.

GCF LTE certification was activated for FDD devices in December 2010 for the upper 700 MHz North American band (Band 13) and 800 MHz European Digital Dividend band (Band 20). Since then the 2100 MHz and 2600 MHz bands (Bands 1 & 7 respectively) have been added. These bands are either in commercial use already or being deployed by operators around the globe.

"The creation of a single coherent Certification scheme that covers both the FDD and TDD versions of LTE is already delivering great value to the mobile industry worldwide," said Adriana Nugter, GCF Operations Manager. "The delivery of Certification for TD-LTE is a tribute to the efforts of GCF members from around the world.'

Further LTE bands will be incorporated within GCF Certification in support of operators' LTE deployments in different regions of the world. In addition, GCF members are actively defining the test suites that are required to certify multi-band LTE and multi-mode LTE/3G/GSM devices that will emerge as the latest 3GPP technologies mature and new services are launched.

Some 400 different 3GPP mobile phones, wireless modems and connected devices from more than 35 manufacturers achieved GCF certification in 2010.


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