Globally-trusted products for digital life

GCF Certification exists to enable manufacturers to ensure their latest smartphones, handsets and wireless products will work correctly on the world's mobile networks.

GCF Certification is maintained "by the industry for the industry" through the Global Certification Forum (GCF) whose growing membership includes:

With its philosophy of "Test once, use anywhere" GCF aims to benefit the whole mobile industry by:

  • Reducing testing costs
  • Shortening time to market
  • Raising the overall quality of wirelessly-connected products in the global marketplace.


Manufacturer Product Date
Sierra Wireless Airprime HL7588V 2017-12-13
Kyocera S4-KC 2017-12-12
TCL 1066G 2017-12-11
Sierra Wireless EM7565-9 2017-12-08
Sierra Wireless AirPrime WP7601 2017-12-08
Zebra TC25 2017-12-07
Samsung SM-J250F/DS 2017-12-06
Huawei Technologies HUAWEI P smart 2017-12-05
Kyocera X3-KC 2017-12-04
Cisco C1111-8PLTEEAWE (Cisco 1000 Series ISR) 2017-12-01

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