Operator Benefits

Certification gives network operators confidence that a GCF-certified mobile products will:

  • Perform correctly on their network infrastructure
  • Support their core services
  • Deliver seamless international roaming services
  • Associate the operator's brand with high quality service delivery


  • Identifies mobile products that meet an operator’s needs
  • Allows operators to focus their own testing resources on
    • Adding value to their own customers
    • Providing differentiation in their own market.
  • Reduces internal testing costs – by as much as 80% for operators who actively test
  • Greatly simplifies an operator’s acceptance testing process for products to be sold directly
  • Helps operators select products to recommend for sale through indirect sales channels
  • Offers a level of assurance about the performance of Open Market products

GCF Certification is recognised by operators with interests in markets worldwide:

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