Operator Membership

GCF Certification is a globally-recognised benchmark of interoperability between mobile phones, wireless products and operator networks.  The scheme identifies products that meet an operator’s needs.

GCF Certification assures operators that a mobile phone or wireless product will:

  • Perform correctly on their network infrastructure
  • Deliver a seamless roaming service
  • Associate the operator's brand with high quality service delivery.

GCF membership is open to any operator of a network based on any 3GPP or 3GPP2 technology: LTE (FDD & TDD); 3G/HSPA/DC-HSPA; GSM/GPRS/EDGE.

The transparency of the GCF scheme allows operators to focus their own testing activity on requirements specific to their own network or service proposition rather than common areas covered by GCF.

Two types of operator membership are available:

  • Operator Members
  • Associate Operator Members

Associate Operator Membership allows smaller operators with limited testing resources to benefit from Certification.

Instead of paying an annual membership fee, Associate Operator Members pay a daily delegate rate to attend GCF meetings.

Operator Members pay an annual fee and enjoy additional benefits:

  • Free attendance at GCF meetings
  • Voting rights at GCF meetings
  • The right to stand for election to the GCF Board or Chair/Vice Chair positions on the Steering Group, Agreement Groups or Task Forces
  • The ability to directly influence the evolution of the GCF Certification by proposing new Work Items or Performance Items
  • The right to nominate Rapporteurs for Work Items or Performance Items.

All Operator and Associate Operator members receive a GCF email alert every time a new product is certified. The email includes a link to detailed information on all test cases applied to the product and the corresponding results.

Any Operator or Associate Operator member can apply to become a Field Trial Qualified Operator (FTQO) to provide facilities for the unique field testing element of GCF certification. FTQOs benefit from first-hand experience and advance knowledge of new products.


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