Manufacturer Membership

GCF Certification is a globally-recognised benchmark of interoperability between mobile phones or wireless products and operator networks.  The scheme identifies a product as being relevant to multiple operators in multiple markets.

Benefits of GCF Certification including reducing time-to-market for new products and reducing the costs associated with duplication of testing.

GCF’s entire operator membership are automatically alerted to newly certified products which are also included in a public listing.

To become a Manufacturer Member, a company must have a Quality Assurance Programme that meets the requirements of ISO 9000 or a recognized equivalent.

Associate Manufacturer membership is open to companies that have not yet achieved ISO 9000 accreditation.  Associate Manufacturers do not have voting rights and cannot nominate candidates for election to the GCF Board or for Chair/Vice Chair positions within the Steering or Agreement Groups.  Membership fees for Associate Manufacturer Members are dependent on the types of product they wish to certify.

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