SG#72 Tigard

Meeting of the Steering Group

Tigard, Or, U.S.A. 26-28 September 2017

Hosted by Intel


Meeting of the Performance Agreement Group

Via Webconference

17-18 October 2017

CAG#52 Venice

Meeting of the Conformance and Interoperability Agreement Group

Venice, Italy 24-26 October 2017.

Hosted by Telecom Italia

FTAG#49 Venice

Meeting of the Field Trial Agreement Group

Venice, Italy 26 October 2017

Hosted by Telecom Italia

CAG2#17/TCAG2#17 Kentucky

CDMA Conformance and Interoperability Group &

CDMA Test Case Development Agreement Group

Kentucky, U.S.A. 8-9 November 2017

Hosted by Intertek

SG#73 Guildford

Meeting of the Steering Group

Guildford, UK. 12-14 December 2017

Hosted by IoTAS

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