Conformance RTOs

RTO smallAny GCF member that undertakes testing for product certification must apply to become a Recognised Test Organisation.

RTO status must be renewed every 12 months.

Recognised Test Organisations that offer Conformance Testing services to third parties are listed below:

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GCF Member Test Organisation City, Country Date of Completed Submission
7layers GmbH 7Layers GmbH Ratingen, Germany 2017-02-03
7layers GmbH 7Layers, Inc. Irvine Irvine, USA 2017-09-20
7layers GmbH ritt7Layers Beijing, PR China 2017-01-16
7layers GmbH 7Layers, Inc. Sunnyvale Sunnyvale, USA 2017-09-20
A Test Lab Techno Corp. A Test Lab Techno Corp. Taiwan 2017-03-13
Bureau Veritas Bureau Veritas Taoyuan, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 2017-11-15
Bureau Veritas Bureau Veritas ShenZhen CO., LTD. DongGuan Branch DongGuan, China 2017-11-15
Bureau Veritas BV CPS Korea Ltd. Mobile Communications Laboratory Suwon-si, Korea 2017-11-15
Bureau Veritas BV CPS ADT Korea LTD Suwon, South Korea 2017-09-15
CETECOM CETECOM GmbH Essen, Germany 2017-03-13
CETECOM CETECOM Inc. Milpitas, USA 2017-03-13
CETECOM CETECOM Limited Anyang, Korea 2017-08-07
China Mobile China Mobile Group Device Company Limited Laboratory Beijing, China 2017-03-10
Cisco Systems Inc Cisco Systems Inc San Jose, USA 2017-10-02
Communications Global Certification Inc. CGC Mobile Communications Laboratory Taoyuan, Taiwan 2017-02-08
CTTL (China Telecommunication Technology Labs) Telecommunication Technology Labs, CAICT Beijing, P.R.China 2017-10-11
DEKRA Testing and Certification, SAU DEKRA Testing and Certification, SAU Malaga, Spain 2017-04-26
DEKRA Testing and Certification, SAU DEKRA Testing and Certification, Inc. Herndon, USA 2017-04-28
DEKRA Testing and Certification, SAU DEKRA Testing and Certification Co., Ltd. Linkou / Bade (Taiwan); Tokyo (Japan) 2017-10-03

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