Manufacturer Benefits

Pre-launch testing is critical to the commercial success of new products. However, testing gets more expensive as the number of advanced technologies incoporated within a product increases.

GCF Certification is the most cost-effective way for a manufacturer to demonstrate the conformance and interoperability of its new products.

Manufacturers who certify can also

  • Reduce time-to-market for new products
  • Minimise expensive and time-consuming duplication of testing when submitting products to the acceptance programmes of multiple operators.

GCF Certification:

  • Is recognised by operators with interests in markets worldwide
  • Helps manufacturers expand their addressable market by demonstrating that their product is relevant to multiple operators (or distributors) in multiple export markets
  • Reduces cumulative testing costs when supplying a product to multiple operator partners

Manuf testing costs

  • Provides confidence in, and comparability of, test results through the harmonisation of testing
  • Creates economies of scale and a competitive market in the supply of test tools and services
  • Defines the boundary between the testing responsibilities of manufacturers and operators
  • Automatically alerts GCF’s entire operator membership to newly certified products - operator members can find out more about a product by accessing the test results
  • Promotes new, certified products via a public listing
  • Supports the commercialization and shortens time-to-market for important new technologies by achieving industry consensus on the most appropriate, effective testing.

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