Current Scope of Certification

GCF Certification includes conformance, interoperability and field testing for the following 3GPP radio access technologies (RATs), and their extensions, in the frequency bands indicated.

 GSM Bands3G Bands†  LTE Bands† 

850 MHz

Band I

2100 MHz

Band 1

2100 MHz

900 MHz

Band II

1900 MHz

Band 2

1900 MHz

1800 MHz

Band IV

1700/2100 MHz AWS

Band 3

1800 MHz

1900 MHz

Band V

850 MHz

Band 4

1700/2100 MHz (AWS)


Band VI

800 MHz

Band 5

850 MHz



900 MHz (E-GSM)

Band 7

2600 MHz


Band IX

1700 MHz

Band 8

900 MHz




Band 11

1400 MHz




Band 12

700 MHz (Lower SMH-A/B/C)




Band 13

750 MHz (Upper SMH-C)


CDMA 450

450 MHz

Band 14

700 MHz (Upper SMH-D)


CDMA 800

800 MHz

Band 18

800 MHz


CDMA 800 Secondary

800 MHz

Band 19

800 MHz



1700/2100 MHz

Band 20

800 MHz



1900 MHz

Band 21

1500 MHz




Band 25

1900 MHz




Band 26

850 MHz




Band 28

700 MHz (APT)


Band 38

Band 39

Band 40

Band 41

2570-2620 MHz

1880-1920 MHz

2300-2400 MHz

2496-2690 MHz




Enhanced Uplink (HSUPA)

LTE UE category (UE caegories are based on peak data rates supported and MIMO capability 

Certification also verifies a multi-mode device's ability to hand-over between Radio Access Technologies: eg between GSM and 3G or between 3G and LTE.

The following functionality is also currently included within GCF Certification

SCWS Smart Card Web Server
MMS Multimedia Messaging Service
DM OMA Device Management
GAN Generic Access Networks - enables hand-off of call or session between a mobile network and Wi-Fi
SUPL 1.0 Secure User Plane Location, an OMA standard for Assisted GPS
CS Fallback When a user's device has an active LTE data connection, Circuit Switched Fallback is the proces by which the network instructs the device to fall back to 2G or 3G to accept an incoming, or make and outgoing, call.
Steering of Roaming Supports Steering of Roaming feature - allows operators to guide their customers to particular roaming partners.

†3GPP standards for UTRA (3G) and E-UTRA (LTE) are based on precisely-defined Bands. Many of these Bands are more commonly, and less precisely, referred to by a single frequency or some other name - eg the Advanced Wireless Services or AWS bands in the USA. For convenience, both names are listed above, although GCF Certification Criteria relate specifically to band definitions used by 3GPP. Information on some of the common names for LTE bands can be found here.

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