Assessment Capable Entities (ACE)

Assessment Capable Entities (ACE) are organisations that are:

  • capable of determining the range of tests required to certify a product


  • assessing test results to ensure the product satisfies all relevant certification criteria.

Suitably qualified GCF Members can offer their services as Third Party Assessment Capable Entities (TPACE) to assist: 


Any individual within an ACE organisation who undertakes assessments must have at least two years' experience of working within GCF member organisation(s). They must also possess:

  • First hand experience of creating and modifying test plans in line with the features and functionality of the product being certified;
  • The ability to analyse test results to verify the accuracy of the features and functionality declared for the product;
  • Experience in the review of test reports in order to construct a Compliance Folder;
  • Experience in the review of a Compliance Folder in order to ensure that it demonstrates the product complies with all relevant GCF Certification Criteria.
  • An understanding of the Product Contest process.

Third Party Assessment Capable Entities  


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