GCF Certification provides confidence in the interoperability of mobile phones, wireless products and mobile networks.

The scheme is based on the principles of self-declaration: responsiblity for certification, and the ongoing maintenance of a product's certification, are fully accepted and assured by the certifying manufacturer.

GCF's ethos is "test once, use anywhere".

Certification demonstrates that a mobile phone or wireless product:

  • is compliant with GCF's agreed requirements
  • will interoperate correctly when used on a variety of mobile networks

GCF references test specifications published by recognised standards orgaisations and industry forums.

GCF Certification is relevant to mobile phones and wireless products of all types including:

  • Handsets: smartphones/mobile phones
  • Wireless broadband USB Modems
  • Data Cards
  • Mobile Gateway/Hotspots
  • Laptops/Tablets/Netbook/Notebooks
  • Wireless modules designed to add mobile connectivity to other products such as laptops, consumer, enterprise and M2M/IoT devices.

GCF Certification benefits consumers, operators, manufacturers and the wider mobile value chain and eco-system.

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